Person to person. Face to face. Step by step. MedXM.

Medical care is at its best when it is a personal connection instead of a transaction. MedXM provides the all-important connection that completes the circle of care for any and all members, nationwide.

We offer a complete network of connections between members, their health plan, and providers. Our experienced physicians, nurses and skilled practitioners establish a bond of trust with members. MedXM’s innovative technology, reporting, communication and documentation transform the touch into the information needed by health plans. Through our expanded care network, we assure the best use of resources for members, medical providers and insurers.

Hundreds of thousands of in home and tens of thousands of clinic visits completed in 2017.

Year to year, exponential growth rate, unmatched in the industry

Success and completion rates that have set industry standards


The World of Healthcare Constantly Changes

As of January 2016, the U.S. Census Bureau sets the population of the United States at 322,762,018. From information the Bureau gathered in 2015, a reported 89.6% of the population had health insurance coverage. Never before have the services of MedXM been more valuable to Health Plans, Medical Groups, and most importantly every day people of all ages and life stages.

Being “In-Touch” is Key to Everyone’s Success

MedXM improves outcomes for health care consumers nationwide. Through effective education, behavior modification, and early detection your members’ health is never out of reach. Quality care begins with personal in-home or in-clinic contact with MedXM.

MedXM Serves Multiple Markets at Numerous Locations with a Variety of Value Added Services

Multiple Markets

Medicare Advantage
Managed Medicaid/Dual Eligibles
Commercial Healthcare Exchanges

Multiple Locations

> Comprehensive Health Risk Assessments
> Risk Stratification
> Care Management
> Initial and Annual Wellness Visits
> Healthcare Effectiveness Data & Info Set
(HEDIS)/Star Gap Closure
> Labs & Ancillary Services
> Member Engagement

Why MedXM Is Different